VjimandmeLiving through the loss of my husband and 21+ year love affair.   We met when I was 39 and he was 55 – I wondered how I could feel attraction to someone so much older.  But there it was.  A year later we were married and had the most amazing 20 years.  One month after we married, he was rushed into open-heart surgery.  The cardiac surgeon, said, “Don’t worry, we’ll give you another 20 years with him.”  But we knew.  The odds were that he would pass before me, with the age difference and the vascular disease.  Still, 20 years later, it was sudden.  He dropped to the floor upstairs and was just gone.  Just like that.   So as we met in text, we part in text.  I began this blog so I could still write to him and share with him the things I would be saying.  Now at the end of this first year, I have left several early entries here changed over from “private” to “public.”  Now I want to blog for other widows, to share my experiences.  If I can make a difference to one other widow out there, that will be so wonderful.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Pat glenday says:

    I have been helped by your podcast but something seems wrong. Your last 2 you were speaking so fast that I thought something was off with you. The last one was so fast I turned it off.mi hope everything is ok.


    • Joann The Life Coach says:

      I’m so glad you reached out about this! I checked the recordings and they are at normal speed. But your player app has a function that can speed up or slow down playback. I learned about this the same way you just have, by accidentally having tapped on it and suddenly the podcast I was listening to was talking fast. For example, on my iPad and iPhone when I open up the podcast to full screen, at the bottom above the volume bar on the left is a small 1x. If I tap it, it will change to 1 1/2x – playing the podcast at 1 and 1/2 times as fast. Tap it again and it changes to 2x for twice as fast. Look for this on your device and then tap on it until it is returned back to 1x (not 1/2x because that will slow it way down!). If you are listening on Stitcher, swipe up from the bottom when the podcast is playing and you will see the control panel for volume and and the 1X is in the middle. If you are using an Android device, I can not specifically help because of my inexperience with Android phones, but surely it conforms to this standard and you will see the 1x or 1-1/2x or 2x showing on there. Thank you so much for reaching out about this! I’m glad to have you as a listener! Joann


  2. Christine Baumgartner says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading everything you’ve written. It’s so obvious each word comes from your broken heart. I’m also a widow (August 7, 2012 after 5 years of marriage) and can definitely relate to so many of your thoughts and feelings. I’m a member of a couple of widow FB pages and I’m definitely going to share your blog with them.

    I’m also a dating and relationship coach and I enjoyed reading your philosophy for helping people overcome the beliefs that don’t fit their current life and how to change them. I coach in a similar way with my clients. I’ll look forward to hearing back from you and hopefully staying in touch. Christine


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